cocktail staples


Liqueurs; a crucial ingredient for bartenders, yet far too frequently relegated to the dark corner of the shelf. High alcohol spirits stole the spotlight for the last century, but we think it's high time they stepped aside and let a little light fall on all that liqueurs have to offer. 

Our farmers; truly dedicated exceptionally hard working wonderful humans (can you tell we really like our farmers?); just want their produce to be celebrated. We plan to do just that. We're working our socks off to capture every last ounce of flavour from our Australian fruit. And as veteran Melbourne Bartenders our focus is to create optimal building blocks for both classic and modern cocktails; a careful balancing act of of tart, sweet, and alcohol. We're pulling all the tricks out of our hat to do the fruit justice. Fresh fruit from good people, no strings attached.


Marionette Dry Cassis

We can't take all the credit for our our Dry Cassis. Yes, it's a long process to capture the sweet, smooth, berry delicious (ahem) taste you'll find in the Marionette bottle but when it comes down to it we have one man that we really need to credit: his name is Richard. Richard grows spectacular blackcurrants down in Tassie. To be specific white bud blackcurrants; a trational variety which doesn't yield particularly well, but it's flavoursome, aromatic and acidic and he seems to care more about quality fruit than profits. A rare breed. He could have sold his whole yield to be made into boring old juice, but he didn't, because he's the best, and he can't wait to see what we do with it. Thank you Richard. Bartenders all across Australia will be thanking you soon too.


Orange Curacao

Marionette's curacao features Navel, Seville and blood oranges sourced directly from Glenn a third generation citrus farmer from Mildura. The oranges in their many forms are macerated, distilled and barrel aged with cask strength brandy from South Australia to create a  truly local option to showcase in classic and “Fancy” cocktails.

Pouring a slightly hazy, grassy gold, this liqueur has complex scents of gingerbread, fresh orange oil & sweet raisin. The palate is oily but not dense, with warm spices & a balanced level of sweetness. Ginger, cinnamon & more sweet orange close it out, leaving a similar sense of satisfaction one gets from eating a piece of freshly baked cake. 


Apricot Brandy Liqueur

In pursuit of this versatile staple, Marionette reached out to the Matovani family who have been farming stone fruit for over 25 years. The apricots are macerated, distilled & barrel aged with brandy made by the Angove family who have been distilling for 5 generations in Renmark, SA. The result highlights the quality of its local components on a stage that awaits your creative potential.



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